About RHEA

RHEA Recruitment is a recruitment agency

Specializing in hotels and restaurants.

RHEA Recruitment aims to facilitate and develop a transparent human interaction between the best talent on the move and employers. RHEA is based in Paris with an international reach: USA (Miami, New York, Washington, San Francisco), Asia (Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong), United Arab Emirates (Dubai, Qatar, Jeddah).

Founder of RHEA RECRUTEMENT, Caroline Yvon has 20 years of experience in the field of hotels and restaurants, ranging from operations, establishment development, human resources, consulting and recruitment.

Thanks to this vast overview, ranging from haute cuisine to groups of restaurateurs, large hotel groups and simple operations for independents.

Caroline brings an in-depth understanding of the needs of the institution, having been employed in this sector herself.

Caroline’s approach to recruitment focuses on assessing the company’s culture and refining on a candidate’s specific skills to establish the link …

Human interaction is at the heart of recruitment, focusing on interpersonal relationships and trust Graduated from theHotel School of Blois.

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