Stainless steel 10 liter 550W

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RHEA Recrutement proposes with its Partner of Professional Equipment:

Stainless steel 10 liter 550W stainless steel

Appliance not suitable for bread dough and pizza dough. Be sure to respect the indicated capacities (9L: 2kg of flour / 3kg of dough).
Reusable heavy duty mixer suitable for restaurants and canteens. Body made entirely of resistant metal to facilitate cleaning and use of the rising and lowering of the tank. Safety shutdown is activated if the tank or protective screen is not in place. Delivered with tank, whip, hook and pallet. Dishwasher safe.

Product Features

Capacity Capacity 2kg of flour or 3kg of dough
Dimensions 610 (H) x 395 (W) x 395 (D) mm
Power 2.4A, 0.55kW
Power supply 230V
Warranty 1 year parts and labor
Weight 36kg
3 adjustable speeds
Equipped with a rising and lowering of tank
Safety cut-out
Protective screen
Stainless steel tank
Capacity 2kg of flour or 3kg of dough
Reference subject to a Eco-participation WEEE of 1,19 € per unit sold

Equipped with a Europe plugEquipped with a plug Europe


Reduced price with RHEA

Std Price: € 890.19

Price With RHEA: 791,19 €

 Economy :

Product available in France and internationally

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