Robot-Cook, Cutter / Blender heated 140 ° C – Robot-Coupe

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Robot Cook® stimulates the imagination of chefs.
It is a perfect tool to innovate and perform a multitude of attractive recipes, hot or cold, sweet or savory.

Capacity: 3.7 L
KW Power: 1.8 Kw
KG Weight: 15 kg
Dimensions: 226 X 338 X 522 mm
Power supply: 230 V / 1-50 Hz
Temperature 140 ° C Max

Concentrate of technology and innovation, Cook ® Robot is the solution to optimize food preparation time. Emulsify, spraying, mixing, chopping, mixing, kneading are so many functions it performs perfectly.

The large capacity of the tank can be produced in sufficient quantities to professional needs.

Featuring a high precision tank bottom knife.
His power adjustable heated up to 140 ° adjusts audegré closely.
Robot Cook® the tank is equipped with a removable scraper arm. It avoids manual handling and conservel’homogénéité texture.

Paper towels anti fog will keep a lid œilsur preparation.

A hole in the lid to add ingredients into the tank without having to stop the current recipe

Initial Price:  2880.00  € TTC

With RHEA Recruitment, get the best price: -5% =   2736.00 €  TTC 2280.00 HT

Article available in France and abroad International

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